The ONEfee from OUTvest that’s FIXED

Do you know what your investment’s fees cost you?
With our transparent ONEfee that’s Fixed, you will.

Switch to OUTvest and you could save on your investment

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Our Fixed ONEfee is an industry first

Most investment providers charge up to four different fees, and not all of them appear on your statements. Our innovative ONEfee model changes everything. On your statement you will see one fee deducted from your investment every month for the administration of your investment with the added benefit of advice and fund management that covers everything – no hidden fees.

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Easy to understand & transparent

ONEfee means that you will see the total cost of investment on your statement, every month.

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South Africa’s first Fixed Fee structure

ONEfee can also be fixed, meaning that when your investment is worth between R315 000 and R2 362 500 we cap your fee at R4 725p.a.*

*This fee will escalate in line with inflation every year.

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Realising your FeeGAP

Fees can determine what your investment delivers, the lower the fee, the more you get out. Our low fees could get you 60% or more out of your investment when compared to traditional investments charging 3% p.a. or more.

The OUTvest ONEfee doesn’t make you pay more when you invest more.

With percentage based investing you pay more when you invest more. We stopped that. At R315 000 your investment cost becomes fixed at R4 725p.a. and stays fixed until the total investment is worth more than R2 362 500. You’re then only charged 0.2% of the value of your investment.

Traditional investing could cost as much as
3% p.a. and more

Your annual fee saving with OUTvest's ONEfee could be so much that the difference in fees could mean you get 60% or more out of your investment, assuming the same investment growth rate.

Global Wealth Builder - also with a ONEfee approach

Invest globally and take advantage of our radically low fees. With our Global Wealth Builder, you can invest in 49 markets and over 9 000 stocks, easily, without needing to worry about all the fees typically associated with trading platforms (some of which you don't even get to see).

  • Just 1.5% in total if your investment is under R315 000.
  • A FIXED ONEfee of R4 725 if your investment value is between R315 000 and R1 181 250.
  • Just 0.4% in total if your investment value is over R1 181 250

OUTvest is an authorised FSP. All our investments are exposed to risk, not guaranteed and dependent on the performance of the underlying assets. Fees may change due to inflation. The fixed ONEfee for ETFs will increase every year by inflation. Our ONEfee for ETFs includes the targeted Total Expense Ratio (TER) for the CoreShares Total World Stock ETF but does not include other transaction costs inside the ETF as they cannot be known in advance. Ts and Cs apply.

Our FIXED ONEfee will change the way you think about our investments

Our Robo-advisor will ask you a couple of questions to get to know you in a matter of minutes. Don’t worry, we just need enough information to offer you advice that’s best suited to you.

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