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8 June 2018
Becoming an elite athlete isn’t easy! In fact it’s the exact opposite, it takes discipline and commitment, blood sweat and tears.  I think investing is exactly the same - it takes patience, hard work and commitment to see the end goal. It’s not about short-term wins.

To become a competitive Crossfitter, you need to be part of a box (the name given to Crossfit gyms) with great programming and coaching.  Similarly, to get the right investment solutions, you need a great platform and good advice from humans and machines. 

Elite athletes are coached extensively and follow a scientific programme of nutrition, repetition of movements and video tracking of their techniques to mould them into the best versions of themselves. 

OUTvest is building a similar approach to investments. The latest generation passive investment approaches, human advisors when you need them and algorithms calibrated by 115 years of market history enable you as the investor to stand a great chance for long-term investment success.

Access your investments from anywhere, any time, on our app or website. You have control when you want it, and help when you don’t. 

Crossfitters believe in improving their physical health by taking on the King of the Knysna Jungle event, OUTvest believes in improving your financial health with easy-to-use online investing and advice. OUTvest is proud to be the sponsor of the King of the Knysna Jungle event.

Speak to one of our financial advisors and start your investment journey.

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