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10 July 2018
We just love the awesome questions that our clients are asking us. It helps us innovate and gets us excited to know that people are doing their homework before investing.

Here are four common questions that people are asking the OUTvest team.

1. What is OUTvest?

We are an online digital financial investment advisor with a human touch. To invest, all you need is a goal. Visit one of the OUTvest digital platforms, tell us what you want to invest for, how much and for how long (we can even help you calculate how much you need to invest to achieve your goal), and we’ll work out a tailored invest plan just for you - all online. Our skilled team of financial advisors cast their eye over your application before approving your goal, just to ensure that our online investment advice best suits you.

We have even simplified the FICA process, no need to scramble for those “never available” proof of address documents. It’s that easy!

2. What are your investment minimums?

You can invest from as little as R 100 per month or R 5 000 once-off. Your contribution is collected via debit order, saving you hassle and making investing seamless and effortless.

3. How flexible is my investment?

You are not locked in for long periods of time if you don’t want to be. You always have the power to control your investment period. So if you chose to invest for 6 years, for example, you can stop your investment at any time before the 6 years is up. There are no penalties or fees for early cancellation of your investment. Just remember if you pull out early you will probably not reach your investment goal.

4. Do I earn interest on my investment like at a bank?

A good question. Interest is the return (growth) or reward that you get for investing in cash or money market type funds. The low risk money market fund that we offer earns interest only whereas our four other specialised investment funds are more dynamic. These earn interest and growth by investing in various combinations of other investment instruments (asset classes) like shares, property, bonds and cash.

Money market funds are best suited for saving (short-term like a year) while our four specialised funds are best suited for investing (longer term). The best way to understand what to expect with regards to the objective, risk and return (growth) of the funds we use and recommend is to view our fact sheets.

We commend all those that have the desire to really invest and improve their financial position for the better and we are here to help.  Check out our Money Advice area for some useful guidance to help you make informed investment decisions.

You drive, we navigate. Together we prosper through investing.  

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