IFAs can service more clients in less time. And OUTvest is making it possible.

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12 April 2021
OUTvest, the low-fee, online investment platform powered by OUTsurance, has geared itself to help streamline and grow Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) businesses.

IFAs can now make use of a white-labelled version of OUTvest’s platform to service their clients end-to-end, from investment planning to onboarding and even ongoing advice.

Grant Locke, Head of OUTvest, says, “OUTvest’s focus has always been on streamlining financial advice and administration.

Now, IFAs can give upfront advice and implement it in a single sitting, thanks to our complete digital process - allowing them to service more clients in less time.

It’s a win-win scenario that helps advice practices scale their operations, reduce administration costs and compliance risk and, of course, help more South Africans reach their financial goals.”

Inherent to the platform is OUTvest’s low-fee advantage. Aptly named the ‘ONEfee’, it combines all traditional investment fees into one single, transparent fee, viewable on a client’s statement.

Depending on a client’s investment amount, the cost of an OUTvest investment can be as low as 0,2% per annum, inclusive of VAT. 

“Our technology and bespoke funds were built from the ground up to keep fees radically low – all because we wanted to boost the outcomes for investors as far as possible. And even with the addition of an IFA’s advice fee, clients can look forward to getting more out when compared with traditional investing, which, as we know, can reach as much as 3% or more per year,” added Locke. 

In late 2020, OUTvest’s IFA offering was piloted with Galileo Capital, which is headed up by investment authority, Warren Ingram and Theo Vorster. “This new human/robo-advice hybrid model is a gamechanger for IFAs. Traditionally, so much time and money is spent on administration – from onboarding to ongoing advice.

The tools available from OUTvest can completely streamline an advisor business. There’s going to be lot less paperwork, if any at all!” says Ingram.

OUTvest’s investment philosophy is completely outcomes-based, with sophisticated tracking and monitoring technology that assist investors with reaching their long-term goals. And it has proven to work.

To date, 82% of all contracts on their platform, that have started and finished their investment time horizon, have achieved 90% or more of their objective after fees.*

On the topic of outcomes, Locke added, “Providing ongoing advice is fundamental to an IFA’s worth. And thanks to our platform’s ability to track and monitor the progress of an investment, we’re making this regulatory responsibility on IFAs simpler than ever before.

It’s all about instant access to the information you need at any given time. For example, we generate automated annual reviews, which can be sent directly to clients.”

Currently, an investor’s money is placed into one of five bespoke, passively managed, rules-based, unit trust funds, offering good diversification – with more investment vehicle options in the pipeline. And, so far, the performance has proven to be secure, with all five performing better than 50% of their peers over three years to 28 February 2021.**

Locke says, “We studied the behaviour of investment markets over the last 115 years meticulously and worked closely with CoreShares and S&P Dow Jones Indices to design intelligent funds that learn from the past and think ahead.

The funds were designed to work exclusively with our digital advice system, helping us to make sure investors have their money in the right place to achieve their desired outcomes.”

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*Source: OUTvest data to end March 2021. Where clients have followed investment advice recommendations, not made early withdrawals and have made at least one contribution.
**Morningstar. All data annualised over three years to 28 February 2021. Each fund on the platform is compared to relevant peer groups. The CoreShares OUTaggressive Index Fund is compared to the ASISA SA Equity General peer group. Peer group data based on the oldest share class.


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