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29 April 2019
We are happy to report that all our investments funds delivered a healthy performance over three months to the end of March 2019, while our inception figures look just as solid.

Check out the table below.   


In the CoreShares OUT Index funds most of the performance came from shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, represented in the funds by the S&P SA top 50 index, which was up over 6%.

In the CoreShares OUTstable and OUTcautious Funds the allocations to South African Bonds (loans to the South African government) also provide some positive returns, up 4%.

After a rather rough couple of months the South African listed property sector finally delivered a small positive return.

It was, however, the overseas equity exposure that provided the greatest returns for the funds over the quarter, with the US exposure providing returns of close to 14% and global ex-US exposure providing more than 12% in South African Rands.

Taking a look at the longer periods, you can see that as of March, all of the fund returns have been positive over 1 and 2 years. The 2 year return numbers are annualised numbers, which means they reflect the average return over 2 years.

In other words, the CoreShares OUTaggressive Index Fund has delivered an average return of 8.3% per year for the two years to the end of March 2019. We use the 20th of March 2017 as this was the launch (inception) date of the CoreShares OUT index range of unit trusts.

All of the investment strategies of the more than 1500 regulated Collective investment schemes (unit trusts) in South Africa, are broken into investment categories.

These categories are governed by the industry trade body known as ASISA (Association for Savings and Investments South Africa).

The performance of all regulated unit trusts can then be gathered and grouped into similar categories and analysed to help industry professionals better interpret investment performance.

We also use this analysis to keep an eye on our competitors in the industry, who, like us want to ensure that we deliver great returns to clients. We are extremely pleased with the performance of our funds relative to their peers, especially since inception two years ago.

We are particularly happy with the CoreShares OUTaggressive Index Fund which has outperformance 96% of its 143 competitors over two years to the end of March 2019.  


For the CoreShares OUTaggressive Index Fund we have used the SA Equity General Peer group rather than the World Equity General Peer group for this comparison, as we feel this is more representative of the fund’s strategy.

We have a solid investment process at OUTvest and are extremely proud of the results we are delivering for our clients.

The team of professionals involved in the investment products we offer are, we believe, are some of the best in South Africa and the results we believe speak for themselves.


Grant Locke
MD: OUTvest
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