OUTvest nominated for Best Interface at 2019 Robo Investing Awards

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2 September 2019
Robo Investing is Europe’s #1 digital wealth conference and attracts over 350 senior decision makers from the investment industry, from wealth managers, asset managers, banks and fintechs; for 2 days of in-depth conversation on wealth technology. 
As one of South Africa’s pioneering online robo advisors, we are proud to be a finalist at this year’s Robo Investing Awards. These prestigious awards will be held in London on the 10th and 11th of September 2019.

From inception, OUTvest has aimed to make investing simpler and more accessible, and the fact that we have been shortlisted in the User Experience category means that our industry peers think we are doing a fantastic job.

For those who don’t know, user experience means creating a digital interaction that a consumer finds intuitive and easy to use. In the world of digital investing, it means taking complex concepts, such as forecasting, cash flow modelling and fund selection and making it easy for anyone to get to grips with . We believe this is the key to helping everyone make better investment decisions, regardless of their investment knowledge.

User experience design is truly at the heart of what we do! We have always believed that the future of retail investing will be in the development of awesome user experiences, designed in conjunction with proprietary advice algorithms with the aim of improving investment decision-making for everyone.

We are very proud to have been nominated and hope to bring this international award home to South Africa.


OUTvest is an authorised FSP.

Take a closer look at what OUTvest can do for you at www.outvest.co.za

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