OUTvest wins 'Best of Show" at Finovate Africa

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13 December 2018
CAPE TOWN, 22 November 2018 – OUTvest and Bambu walked away with top honours at the 2018 Finovate Africa ‘Best of Show’ awards, held in Cape Town.

The Finovate Africa event is the first of its kind in Africa and provides an opportunity for market leaders and disrupters to share valuable industry insights whilst also giving companies the opportunity to demo their latest technologies live on stage.  

The list of demoing companies included names such as RattleHub, docfox, RISQ, Drive Revenue, and Topicus.Finance. These companies have shown innovations in a wide range of specialisations, from automated regtech and small business lending to customer engagement and AI-enabled credit assessment.

The ‘Best of Show’ winners are selected by audience members who are not associated with the demoing companies. Audience members rate companies based on the quality of the demo and the potential impact of the innovation.

Bambu and OUTvest’s live demos made the biggest impression on the FinovateAfrica audience. These companies focused on the rise of the robo-advisor and improving the way investors and advisors build and manage personalised investment portfolios.

Bambu’s white-label robo advisor for mass retailers encourages proper investing and saving whereas OUTvest’s low-cost hybrid robo-advisor provides South Africans with access to high quality investment planning, administration, and advice.

Grant Locke, Head of OUTvest says that, ‘We are extremely proud to have won this award. This will only serve to motivate us to continue to work even harder so that we can continue to add value to the client experience in this very competitive industry’

For more information on the 2018 FinovateAfrica Awards, please visit the Finovate Africaevent website or send an email to pressoffice@out.co.za.

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