R100 000 retirement boost, with great customer service to match.

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20 November 2020
R100 000 retirement boost, with great customer service to match.
Congratulations to the second winner in our #RetireWithARaise competition, Renton. Receiving a R100 000 boost towards his retirement dream is not too shabby.

His story is pretty straightforward, but definitely worth sharing.

Like many smart South Africans, Renton started planning for retirement relatively early on. He chose one of the most popular investment service providers and contributed diligently towards a retirement annuity every month for over 20 years.

However, a couple of months back, he wanted to see if there were other options out there to maximise his returns.  

As fate would have it, he received an e-mail about OUTvest at the perfect time. Not only was he impressed with the prospect of up to 60% more out at retirement, thanks to a saving of up to 90% in investment fees (compared to the 3% he could be paying with some traditional investments), he was excited about the #RetireWithARaise competition.

Here’s how he puts it, “After reading the e-mail, I did a little more research, because I like to be in the know when it comes to my money. I was happy with what I saw and made contact with OUTvest.

As a long-standing OUTsurance client, I also expected awesome service from their sister company - and I wasn’t disappointed. Every question I had was answered before I even asked. And before I knew it, the RA transfer was underway. So simple and so convenient! In fact, we decided to transfer my wife’s RA too.”

Not long afterwards, we called Renton to say he had won the R100 000 prize. Needless to say, he was over the moon.

We’re extremely grateful to Renton and all our other clients who have made the switch to OUTvest. And to all those who didn’t win the R100 000… just remember, the impact on your retirement outcome thanks to the ONEfee structure could be worth way, way more than R100 000 anyway.

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OUTvest is an Authorised FSP.  All investments are exposed to risk, not guaranteed and dependent on the performance of the underlying assets. Savings on fees are compared to traditional investment fees of 3% p.a. using the asset allocation of the Coreshares OUTmoderate fund.

Traditional investments refer to investments that include a fee for advice, administration and fund management. Research on the industry standard fee was conducted by OUTvest internally. Ts and Cs apply. The winner’s full name has been omitted at his request. Client comments do not constitute financial advice.

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