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7 June 2021
When we built OUTvest one of our main objectives was to simplify investing from the signup journey right through to accessing investment information.
Keeping our clients informed through our award-winning technology motivates and drives us towards seeking ways to continuously modernise investing.   

Our online digital advice system was designed to serve and enable our clients to remain on top of things when it comes to their investments. Yet we still see some of our clients not utilising our online system to its optimal capacity.

So, if you have not already experienced the full advantage of the OUTvest app or website as yet, here is a reminder of the things you can do at your own convenience: 

Access Statements 

Draw an investment statement from inception or over a specific time period whenever it suites you Yep, 24/7/365 access to an investment statement. No need to phone, email or even wait for a statement.

Latest Investment Value

Log on and instantly view your latest investment fund value as well as your estimated fee structure or effective annual cost (EAC).   

Update Personal Details

Have you moved, has your email address changed or do you bank elsewhere?

All these details can easily be updated online, no paperwork or endless queues required to make a quick simple change.

Updating your beneficiaries on your OUTvest Retirement Annuity Fund or Preservation Fund is just as easy.

Track Your Investments

Outcomes-based investing focuses on helping clients achieve their investment objectives by ignoring short-term noise and staying dedicated to their end investment goal.

One of the ways to keep you true to your investment path is to track your investment progress via our online tracking functionality.

Investment tracking keeps you informed and gives your investments direction and purpose.

Online Documents

Your investment contract with all your T’s and C’s, tax certificates, fund factsheets and Annual Reviews are generated automatically, stored and available online.

Transaction Management

Online transaction management is just a click or swipe away and changing your investment contribution amount(s), collection dates or loading additional once-off contributions can all be done digitally.

Even add a new investment in minutes to boost your current investment portfolio. 

No Penalty Fees

With OUTvest we do not charge any penalty, switching or transfer fees. Keeping fees transparent and as low as possible is a cornerstone of our investment philosophy. 

We constantly encourage our clients to explore the functionality of our investment offering via our app or website to truly experience what our system can do.

Remember if you require the human touch our Financial Advisors is just a call away and ready to support.


Gareth van Deventer
OUTvest: Head of Advice


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