Unit trusts designed to help you reach your goal
Unit trusts designed to help you reach your goal

Unit trusts designed to help you reach your goal


Our funds

Our five intelligent funds

We’ve simplified the world of investment and replaced hundreds of investment funds with five highly-efficient, low-cost products designed to help you reach your goals.


The OUTvest funds


Our Investment Managers

We chose to partner with CoreShares and Granate Asset Management, both respected asset managers and experts in their field, to select and develop investment funds that can function with our digital advice system.

We closely monitor our investment managers on a regular basis, using our technology and expertise, so that you don't have to.

Find out more about our investment managers below.


CoreShares OUT Indices

To remove the complexity of investment we went back to basics. We worked with S&P Dow Jones Indices, one of the world's largest index providers, and CoreShares, to design the world's first indices to work with a digital investment advice system.

Each index serves as a set of rules that governs how each unit trust invests. The result is a series of four transparent unit trusts that work together to ensure that you will always been in a suitable investment fund for your goal.


Some general information



We will select one of the five unit trusts in our range of funds for each of your goals. A unit trust is a type of investment structure that pools money from many investors to reduce cost and allow greater diversification of investment in a single holding. It is a very well-known investment structure globally, and is highly regulated in South Africa.


It's important to note that none of the unit trusts in our range offers a guarantee of their performance. Your investment could end up higher or lower than expected; you could even end up with less than you invested with us. In the world of investments, the higher the risk of loss, the higher the expected return. The role of our digital advice system is to ensure you take as little investment risk as you need to reach your investment goal.


Part of our role as your investment advisor is to monitor the unit trusts in our range of funds to ensure they are performing as expected. This includes monitoring their performance against their stated benchmarks, and in the case of our passive managers, the efficiency of their execution. We will report to you on a regular basis to keep you informed of the performance and the factors influencing the performance of the funds.

Who's involved

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Granate asset management
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