What to do with your provident fund after you've resigned

If you're leaving your current employer, you may be wondering what you should do with your provident fund.


Seeing as your provident fund contributions were intended to go towards your retirement, it makes sense to continue to save the funds for your future. After all, it'll give you great peace of mind knowing that you'll have a nest egg for your golden years. 

Do a provident fund transfer to our Preservation Fund

Investing in our Preservation Fund is a great way to preserve the value of your provident fund. This is because, when you do a provident fund transfer to our Preservation Fund, you keep your savings intact. 

This will ensure your provident fund savings still go towards your long-term goals. 

Why should you preserve your provident fund with OUTvest?

Here are some of the awesome benefits that make doing a provident fund transfer to OUTvest a great idea.


Your provident fund transfer is tax-free

If you choose to cash out your provident fund, you'll be taxed on the transaction. But you don't have to pay tax when you do a provident fund transfer. Tax only becomes applicable on withdrawals from the provident fund.


You could benefit from our low fees

We only charge one, fixed fee on your investment, which could lead to you saving up to 90% in fees. This means that your lump-sum amount is more likely to grow at the best possible rate. In fact, you could get up to 60% more OUT of your investment. Haven't read about our ONEfee? Get the info you need, here


You can track your investment in real-time

Our advanced fund-monitoring technology allows you to see the OUTcomes of your investment. 


Doing a provident fund transfer is super simple

You can transfer your provident fund online through our digital system. This makes the process as quick and straightforward as possible. 

How to start your provident fund transfer

To make your provident fund transfer as convenient and stress-free as possible, here are three different ways to get started:

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