Modern investing without office hours

Investing on hand, on the OUTvest App

We’re for the world that demands real-time decisions

Introducing our online financial advisor. Because we work online, we’re able to offer lower fees which means you get more out of your investments. We also believe that you should be able to keep all your investments in one place, keep track of them in your own time, and make decisions when it suits you.


Taking the frustration out of FICA

Digital convenience means no paperwork. Open an investment in a couple of clicks today.

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All OUT platforms use one single login

Everything you need is all in one place.

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Secure online investing on an app

We ensure you’re always in control of your investments, as you should be. It is your money at the end of the day.

Intelligent investing made simple

Our investment planning system helps you decide which plan and fund are the best fit for your needs.

Our Robo-advisor will ask you a couple of questions to get to know you in a matter of minutes. Don’t worry, we just need enough information to offer you advice that’s best suited to you.

We keep investing simple for you

Based on your conversation with our online financial advisor we’ll run calculations, and come back to you with our recommendation based on your unique circumstances. Bear in mind, you are always in control and can make changes at any time.

Have a question? Let’s chat

While our Robo-advisor does a lot for us, our human financial advisors are always ready to answer any questions you have and are available via an online live chat, available to be called or are always happy to call you back.

Manage all of your investments in one place

A single dashboard on our app and website ensures that you can keep track of all your different investments at once.

Keep your investments on track

Our innovative online platform monitors the performance of your investments daily. Not only do we track your investments but we give you advice and options to keep them on the projectory that you want.

Start, stop and change your contributions

Finally, you are truly in control. They’re your investments, so we give you complete flexibility without being penalised, and you have access to all your documents and statements at anytime.

Pay up to 90% less in fees.

When it comes to investing there are many things that are out of your control. So why not take control of the one thing that probably has the biggest negative effect on your investment outcome, the fees.

What is Crowdvest?

Crowdvest gives your family and friends a means of helping you reach goals that matter, like saving towards the education of a child. By receiving multiple contributions you can reach a desired amount sooner than you would have if you were investing by yourself.

Whether the purpose of the investment is to save towards a person’s education, your own wedding, or even a holiday, everyone can make contributions to the same investment.

Better yet, it’s all setup online and can be done in a matter of minutes.


What are you waiting for? Download our app

We’ve equipped you to remain in full control of your investments with our app and dashboard. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be making the journey on your own.

get-advice Need to chat to someone?

If you have any concerns or questions that need answering, just say the word and one of our advisors will be in contact with you shortly.

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