Intelligent investing made simple
Intelligent investing made simple

Intelligent investing made simple


Our products

OUTvest Retirement Annuity


A retirement annuity fund is a tax effective investment designed with the purpose of providing you with a benefit at retirement. Should you pass away before your retirement, it will provide your dependants and/or nominated beneficiaries with a benefit. You may retire from the Fund upon reaching your retirement age.

OUTvest tax free plan
OUTvest tax free plan
Fixed OUTcome Endowment

Our funds

Unit trusts designed to help you reach your goals

We have meticulously studied the behaviour of investment markets over the last 115 years, and worked closely with CoreShares and S&P Dow Jones Indices to design intelligent funds that learn from the past and think ahead. Most of these funds have been built to function exclusively with our digital advice system, so you can be confident that you’re invested in the right fund for your goal. 

Our five intelligent funds 

We have simplified the world of investment by replacing the function of hundreds of investment funds with just five low-cost, highly-effective funds designed to help you reach your goals.

Ongoing advice 

Here are some ways we're helping OUTvestors reach their investment goals with our ongoing advice.


Access to qualified investment advisors

From day one, we knew that having qualified investment advisors to back-up our digital advice system was the way to go.

Our advisors are rewarded based on the quality of advice and client care, meaning you always get objective advice.

Contacting them is easy, and they can help you with any decision related to your investment with us. 



Help track your progress

You will be able to track your progress towards your target every time you log in. We update this information daily, so it’s easy to see how your goals and funds are doing.


Changing your investment

We will help you understand the impact that adding or withdrawing money, or changing your debit order, will have on your investment with us.


Changing circumstances

Things change and, when they do, we are there to provide support and help you make the right decision for your investments with us. Even if nothing changes, we will still review your investments with us every year to make sure you are on the right track.



Manage your investments online

Our administration process is as simple as, going online and making your changes. You can add and withdraw money, change your debit orders, view your statements and even change your personal details without being charged for any changes you make.


Manage investments in person

If you have questions or something you'd like to better understand it's easy to get in touch with us. Our skilled advisors are ready to assist you and have an in depth understanding of your administration. 


Your information is secure

We understand how important it is to keep your information safe and secure, especially when it comes to your finances. We use multiple levels of protection to safeguard your information, including encryption, One-Time-Passwords, minimum password strength and notifications. 



We are not just a robot

When signing up our advisors keep a watchful eye to ensure that our digital advice system delivers high quality advice that best matches your savings goals. They will even contact you if they spot something that the digital advice system might have missed.


Change it with advice

If your original investment plans with us change and you are just not sure what to do, give our friendly advisors a call, they understand investments and will provide advice that is best for you. Remember there are no penalties or charges for changing your investment plans with us.


Our advisors know all our secrets

Our advisors know what makes our digital advice algorithm tick. They have extensive training on all our systems to ensure that the financial advice they give our clients is the best of both the human and digital world.



OUTvest believes in creating professional, technically skilled advisors to help our clients make better investment decisions.

Who's involved

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