Making investment goals easier to achieve.

Investing together?
It’s called Crowdvest.


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What is Crowdvest?

Crowdvest is our innovative and first of it’s kind product to help you reach your investment goals sooner by giving your friends and family the opportunity to contribute to your investment too.

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Reach goals sooner

Investing for a goal on your own takes time but Crowdvesting can help you get there sooner.

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Invest together

You can invite friends and family to make contributions to yours or a group's conjoined goal.

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Crowdvest anything

Save towards birthdays, weddings, holidays, the next world cup or a child's education; together.


How to crowdvest

  1. Start by telling us about your investment.
  2. Personalise your investment with an optional image and short description to make it resonate with your friends and family.
  3. After submitting we will review your page and notify you 
    when it’s live and ready to be shared.
  4. Watch your investment grow.
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