Retirement investment calculator

See how transferring your Retirement Annuity, Preservation Fund or Pension/Provident Fund to OUTvest could boost your retirement outcome.

*Monthly contributions will escalate at 6%
*Ask your investment provider for your EAC today to know what your investment is costing you every year.
Fees can determine what your investment delivers, the lower the fee, the more you get out. Our low fees could get you 60% or more out of your investment.
Paying means you could retire with up to more if you switch to our innovative ONEfee.
Are you sure that those are the only fees that you’re paying? Learn more about your EAC and where to find it here.

Your OUTvest ONEfee will be

Find out more about our ONEfee
this means you could get
The average industry fee for a similar investment is between 2% and 3%, but can be 4% or higher - look at the fees you are paying on your investments and compare. The OUTvest ONEfee is your effective fee over the full period of your investment.

Want the ONEfee to change your retirement for the better?

The OUTvest ONEfee doesn’t make you pay more when you invest more.

With percentage based investing you pay more when you invest more. We stopped that. At R315 000 your investment cost becomes fixed at R4 725p.a. and stays fixed until the total investment is worth more than R2 362 500. You’re then only charged 0.2% of the value of your investment.

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