No tax. Low fees.
A smarter investment.

OUTvest’s Tax-Free Plan makes investing simpler and more rewarding.

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Discover the tax-free investment of the future

Whether it’s your first investment or your latest one, the OUTvest Tax-Free Plan is a powerful, convenient way to make the most of your money.
Here's why:

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Pay less, earn more

Low fees, no tax and compounding investment growth means more money stays in (and comes out) your investment.

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Real-time insight

Our cutting-edge monitoring system lets you open the app and stay on track towards your investment goals.

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Invest your way

Withdraw or top up at any time. There are no lock-in contracts or hidden terms and conditions - this investment is on your terms.

Frequently asked questions


It’s a type of wealth creation tool that allows anyone to invest without tax being paid on the money you earn. Click here for some details on how it works.

Learn about investing tax-free


Our government created tax-free incentives as a vehicle for South Africans to grow their money. OUTvest’s Tax-Free Plan is built to take maximum advantage of this initiative. The following people would benefit from an OUTvest Tax-Free Plan:
- Anybody with a South African ID number (from birth).
- Those aiming to build wealth over the long term,
- People seeking high quality, diversified portfolios.
- Investors seeking low fees to maximise returns


Tailored for you, in minutes

We built OUTvest so that you could be more in control. Build your own investment online. Use over 115 years of market and economic data to help you design an investment plan for your future. It’s easy and there is no obligation to invest.

Low fees make a big difference

Fees make a bigger different than you think, in some cases more than 25% of your investment can go towards fees. OUTvest is committed to low and transparent fees.

All the power, none of the hassle

From sign up to cash out, we’ve made sure that every step is simple and effortless. You can sign up right now without filling in paperwork, and once you’re set up you can manage your investment on our app or website.
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High quality investments

OUTvest offers four passive multi-asset funds and one high quality actively managed money market fund. We used an evidence-based approach to design a set of investments that are suitable for almost anyone. And our systems select the right one to help you achieve your specific investment objectives.

Stay on track

Our world-class tracking software makes it easy to follow your investment while keeping an eye on your performance at all times. If you start lagging behind your goals, the tracking software not only alerts you, but also suggests how to get back on track.


Our fees are as low as 0.2% (including VAT and transaction costs). There are no signup, switching, performance, transfer, or cancellation charges - ever. For a more detailed look at our fee structure, click here.

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The total cost of “Traditional investing” is assumed to be 3% per year. Traditional investing is when you pay an advice, administration and fund management fee. The results are modelled based on a historical growth rate using the asset allocation of the Moderate fund. All investments are exposed to risk, not guaranteed and depended on the performance of the underlying investments.

OUTvest's app and online platform give you absolute power over your investment.

Check your real-time progress
Move and withdraw your money
Find statements or get support at the tap of a button

Now that’s future-forward investment.

It's time to get started

The longer you’re invested, the more money you make.
You’re just minutes away from building your wealth, tax-free. Ready to get going?
Here are your options.

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If you’d like to see what OUTvest’s investment approach can do for you, our app is a great place to start. Play around, experiment and discover the power of our unique approach.

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