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The best way to get into investing is to just start, and investing your money in one of our uniquely-engineered unit trust funds will help you reach your goals.

What does our Voluntary plan give you?

An intelligent method of growing your money, where you invest it into our uniquely engineered unit trust funds to help you work towards your investment goals. Although you will pay tax on any gains you earn through this product, you can make almost unlimited contributions, unlike our Tax Free Plan.

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Unlimited contributions

You can add as much money as you like to our Voluntary Plan, there is no real limit.

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Withdraw at any time

You can withdraw your money at any time without receiving any penalties and your money is never locked away.

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Tax made easy

We will provide you with a Tax Certificate annually which will help you when completing your tax return.

ONEfee changes the value of your investment

With the same investment growth rate, but different fees, your total investment outcome can be very different.

What is Crowdvest?

Crowdvest gives your family and friends a means of helping you reach goals that matter, like saving towards the education of a child. By receiving multiple contributions you can reach a desired amount sooner than you would have if you were investing by yourself.

Whether the purpose of the investment is to save towards a person’s education, your own wedding, or even a holiday, everyone can make contributions to the same investment.

Better yet, it’s all setup online and can be done in a matter of minutes.


Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit as to how much I can contribute?

You can add as much money as you like to our Voluntary Plan, there is no limit.

Are there any tax implications?

There are certain tax implications such as Capital Gains Tax, Tax on Interest and Dividends Tax when investing in our Voluntary Plan. The true effect of most of these taxes are only really felt after a few years of investing or as your funds increase substantially in value. SARS (our Taxman) does however give you some incentives annually to ease the effects of these taxes, such as rebates and exemptions up to certain limits. These exemptions and limits can be found on the SARS website and apply cumulatively to all investments that you have.

When can I withdraw my money?

You can withdraw your money at any time without any penalties and your money is not locked away. A withdrawal takes roughly three to four working days to complete. There might be tax implications such as Capital Gains Tax when you withdraw from our Voluntary Plan.

What happens to my investment should I pass away?

In the event of your death the money in your OUTvest Voluntary Plan will go directly into your estate, there is no provision to nominate any beneficiaries.

Is my investment protected from creditors?

By law, our OUTvest Voluntary Plan is not protected from your creditors and if your estate is sequestrated it may be liquidated and paid to your creditors.

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