The ONEfee for advisors

Fees can limit the potential of a client’s investment outcome. But not with OUTvest. Thanks to the ONEfee model, your client can get a lot more out in the long term.

It starts at just 0.65% per year. Best of all, its capped at R5 310 p.a. when the investment value is between R816 923 and R1 180 000.

This helps you create an attractive total fee proposition for your clients that we believe could be unbeatable.

We will soon be adding the capability to allow you to incorporate upfront advice fees into lump sums and selected transfers for your clients. We are aiming to apply this across all our products, where permitted. Watch this space! 

OUTvest is an authorised FSP. All our investments are exposed to risk, not guaranteed and dependent on the performance of the underlying assets. Fees may change due to inflation. The fixed ONEfee for ETFs will increase every year by inflation. Our ONEfee for ETFs includes the targeted Total Expense Ratio (TER) for the CoreShares Total World Stock ETF but does not include other transaction costs inside the ETF as they cannot be known in advance. Ts and Cs apply.