Secure your future with a retirement fund

Saving for retirement ensures that all the hard work throughout your life pays off, giving you a steady source of income to enjoy your ‘golden years’. It’s not just about investing in a retirement fund, but rather about investing in yourself and your retirement dreams. And we think there's no better place to invest in your future than with OUTvest. 

Whether you’re just starting your retirement investment journey, or you already have a retirement fund, we have a solution to suit your needs.

Creating a retirement plan is a breeze when you use our fully-digitised, user-friendly investment platform. And staying on track is just as easy with the help of our real-time fund-monitoring technology. Plus, our retirement fund offerings save you a significant amount of money on fees, thanks to our revolutionary ONEfee model.

Start or switch your Retirement Annuity

A Retirement Annuity (or RA for short) is a popular long-term retirement fund option that doesn’t just offer retirement benefits, it offers great tax benefits too. And our Retirement Annuity differs from every other retirement plan on the market, thanks to our revolutionarily low fees.

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Grow your Preservation Fund

If you’ve already got a lump sum tucked away in a Preservation Fund, consider switching it to OUTvest. You’ll preserve the value of your investment while enjoying our low-fees.

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Transfer your Pension/ Provident Fund

If you've resigned or have been retrenched, you can transfer the pension fund or provident fund that you had with your previous employer over to our Preservation Fund. This ensures that the lump sum becomes part of your retirement plan, as you preserve your investment for the long-term.

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How our ONEfee model helps boost your retirement funds 

As the name suggests, we only charge one, fixed fee for the administration of your retirement investment. 

Fees can have a major impact on the return of your retirement fund. So, the lower the fees, the more you’ll get out at retirement, all things being equal. In fact, our transparent, low-cost fee structure could boost your retirement by up to 60% when compared to traditional investments.

Can’t decide which retirement fund to choose? Let our Robo-Advisor guide you. 

If you’d like to see how OUTvest’s investment approach can help you with your retirement planning, our app is a great place to start. 

Download the app to get financial advice and information from our trusty Robo-Advisor. After a couple of quick, easy questions, we'll suggest the retirement plan that best suits your needs.

And remember that our expertly qualified, human advisors are also available to help you with your retirement planning. OUTvest advisors access the same systems as our online tools in order to offer consistent, high-quality advice. 

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