Alexforbes acquires OUTvest

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Alexforbes has acquired 100% of the shares in OUTvest, and we are proud to be a part of this leading South African financial services group.

Boost your retirement savings with an OUTvest Retirement Annuity

Investing in a Retirement Annuity is a tax-efficient way to ensure you have a source of income, even after you've retired. And, of course, the more you get OUT of your investment, the better your retirement will be. 


Thanks to our ONEfee model, you could pay far less in fees. This means more money left to grow, helping you turn your retirement dreams into reality. 

Switch your Retirement Annuity to OUTvest

You can boost your existing retirement savings by transferring your existing Retirement Annuity Fund to us.

Thanks to our digital, paperless investment platform, the process is as simple and straightforward as possible. We even simplify the FICA process.

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See how much better retirement can be with our ONEfee

Having the same investment growth rate with different fees can make your total investment outcome very different. So, whether you’re opening a new RA, or transferring your RA to us, you could benefit from our innovative fee structure.

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Why choose an OUTvest Retirement Annuity? 
Why choose an OUTvest Retirement Annuity? 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who should invest in the OUTvest retirement annuity?

The OUTvest Retirement Annuity is best suited for those that have a long-term investment objective with the goal of investing to provide an income (annuity) at retirement (after the age of 55).

How much can you contribute on an annual basis?

There is no limit as to the amount of money you may contribute to the OUTvest Retirement Annuity. We accept both monthly and lump sum contributions as well as transfers from other retirement annuities or funds that you might have.

What are the tax benefits of the OUTvest retirement annuity?

The law allows an investor to deduct contributions to retirement funds (pension, provident and retirement annuities) of up to 27.5% of their taxable income or gross income whichever is higher to qualify for a tax deduction. This 27.5% limit is not per retirement fund but cumulative (aggregated) across all retirement funds.

There is an annual maximum tax-deductible threshold of R 350 000, however, all contributions over this threshold can be carried over and used in future years, limited to the applicable restrictions in those years.

When can I access my money in the OUTvest retirement annuity?

Only after you turn 55 years old can you retire from the OUTvest Retirement Annuity, subject to the applicable taxation. At retirement, for any non-vested benefits, up to a maximum of one third (1/3) of the money can be taken by the investor in cash (subject to taxation) to invest as they please while the remaining portion must be used to buy an annuity to provide the investor with an income. However if your fund value in the retirement annuity is lower than the R 247 500 after you turn 55 years old, you can access the entire amount in cash subject to taxation.

For any provident or provident preservation fund vested benefits at retirement, you can however take the full benefit as a lump sum, or take a portion of the benefit as a lump sum and purchase an annuity with the rest.

You can also access your funds in the following special circumstances:

  • Early retirement due to ill health or permanently disabled
  • Formal emigration
  • Fund balance less than R 15 000

In these cases, there will be taxation applicable to the cash amount taken.

What happens to my OUTvest retirement annuity if I die?

A board of trustees is responsible for running the retirement annuity fund and protecting the interests of all members. If you die while still invested in the OUTvest Retirement Annuity the trustees must trace those that are financially dependent on you and allocate the funds appropriately.

Is the OUTvest retirement annuity protected from my creditors?

Yes, once your money is invested in the OUTvest Retirement Annuity it is protected from all your creditors, thus ensuring you have something to help you retire with one day, even if you were sequestrated.

What is this “regulation 28 thing” that applies to retirement annuities?

Basically, Regulation 28 (Reg 28) of the Pension Funds Act, means that you can’t invest more than 75% in equities, 100% in cash, 25% in immovable property, 10% in Commodities (Kruger Rands, gold) or 15% in Hedge funds within a retirement annuity. But you need not worry as all our funds in the OUTvest Retirement Annuity are Reg 28 compliant.

The intention of Reg 28 is to ensure that investors are not overexposed to unnecessary concentration risk with their retirement money.

Can I transfer from other retirement funds to the OUTvest retirement annuity?

Yes, it’s called a Section 14 Transfer and we can assist you with the process. The best part is that this transfer is done tax-free. Please note that due to the number of parties involved in the process these kinds of transfers can take some time. But not to worry, we will help you every step of the way.

What is a vested and a non-vested benefit?

Vested benefits are accrued rights as a result of any membership in a provident fund or provident preservation fund on 1 March 2021.

If you have been a member of these funds at the time, any amounts contributed or transferred to these funds, before 1 March 2021, are seen as your vested benefits. If you were 55 years or older on 1 March 2021, your vested benefits will also include any further contributions you made while you were a member of that provident fund, including fund returns.

A vested benefit right gives you the right to be able to withdraw the full benefit value as a lump sum upon retirement.

Non-vested benefits relate to any other benefits in a retirement fund, which gives you the right to be able to only withdraw up to a maximum of 1/3rd at retirement. The remaining portion of the non-vested benefit must be used to purchase an income for life (Living annuity or guaranteed annuity) at retirement.

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