Invest your way with our general investment products

Investing is a great way to grow your money over time. And whether you’re new to the world of investing, or you’re aiming to diversify your portfolio, our general investment options allow you to invest on your own terms, in your own time.

Choose an individual investment goal, invest monthly or in lump sums, and choose when you’d like to withdraw your investment.

Plus, benefit from our revolutionarily low fees, which could give you more OUT of your investment. Read more about our ONEfee model.

Invest in our Voluntary Plan

The OUTvest Voluntary Plan allows you to invest directly into our uniquely engineered unit trust funds or our Global Wealth Builder in a way that’s straightforward and user-friendly.

Our Robo-Advisor online or on our app will suggest which fund best suits your needs and your timeline, and you’ll have guidance every step of the way. Bear in mind, you are always in control and can make changes at any time.

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Crowdvest with your family and friends

Crowdvest gives your friends and family the opportunity to invest in the same Voluntary Plan. By investing money towards a shared goal, you can reach your goal faster. 

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