Alexforbes acquires OUTvest

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Alexforbes has acquired 100% of the shares in OUTvest, and we are proud to be a part of this leading South African financial services group.

Retire for longer with the OUTvest Living Annuity

You’ve worked a lifetime to build your retirement savings. Now let your savings work for you in retirement. Thanks to radically low fees, the OUTvest Living Annuity could give you more years’ worth of retirement income in comparison to many other investment providers thanks to our low fees.

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Up to 90% offshore equity exposure

Be one of the first to take up the OUTvest Living Annuity and you can allocate up to 90% of your investment in offshore equity.

 *90% offshore exposure available through a combination of the 10X Total World Stock Feeder ETF and CoreSolutions OUTaggressive Index Fund.

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What makes the OUTvest Living Annuity different?

Low fees means more income in retirement. Saving more than 1% on fees, could give you 5 or more years of income in retirement. We believe it's one of the most important factors in chosing your Living Annuity provider.

A track record of investment returns that beat our competitors

Low fees don’t necessarily mean low returns, according to Jack Bogle, one of the founding fathers of rules-based investing: “ The miracle of compounding returns is overwhelmed by the tyranny of compounding costs.” And whilst past investment performance is no guarantee of future returns, we are extremely proud of the track record of our funds in a highly competitive industry – and offered at low cost.

Technology that helps you make better investment decisions

In a few minutes we can tell you how much income you can have in retirement, how long it could last, help you select the right investment allocation, see the impact of fees on your portfolio and more. Plus, change something and everything will update.

Best of all, it’s so simple to use and you don’t need to commit to anything to see a personalised plan.

Want to design your own investment portfolio in retirement?

Our systems automatically suggest a suitable investment fund for your income in retirement, but you can also build your own combination from the funds available on the platform and get an instant estimate of your income in retirement.



Performance without the Performance fees

We don’t charge performance fees. They are complex and difficult to understand and are not always in the best interests of investors.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get” - Warren Buffet

The price of something is not always a good indicator of what it is actually worth. We believe, the same goes for investing, which is why at OUTvest we aim to keep everything simple and offer lower fees to keep as much of your money in your portfolio as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions
When will my investment policy start and how will my investment be administered?

Your policy will only start once we have received your application, it has been approved by the Administrator and the contribution has been invested. The policy will end when you die, the value of your investment becomes zero or when you transfer to another living annuity. Your contributions will be invested through the Administrator in one or more of the investment funds, provided by the Administrator, as selected by you, with help from your financial advisor if applicable. The investments are held in your name by OUTvest on behalf of OUTsurance Life and will be invested through OUTvest Nominees (Pty) Ltd into the investment funds of your choice

How do taxes impact my Living Annuity?

Every time you withdraw money from your living annuity, the administrator will hold back an estimate of taxes due and will pay the balance to you. This type of tax is known as income tax or Pay As You Earn (PAYE).

All the investment growth, income or capital gains are free of tax inside the OUTvest Living Annuity.

What happens to my Living Annuity when I die?

When you die the remaining amount in your Living Annuity will be distributed to the nominated beneficiaries within a short period of time, up to a few weeks depending on administration requirements or any outstanding information. If you don’t nominate a beneficiary, the remaining amount in your Living Annuity will be paid to your estate and may be subject to estate duties and executor fees. Your beneficiary details must be kept up to date. You can keep them up to date through or through your appointed Financial Advisor if you have one.

Under what circumstances can I withdraw the value of my Living Annuity in cash?

If the value of your Living Annuity is less than the regulated amount as set out in legislation (currently R125 000) you can withdraw the full amount less any applicable income tax.

What is the minimum amount I can invest in the OUTvest Living Annuity?

We currently require a minimum initial and subsequent investment of R300 000 to start your Living Annuity.

Can I convert my OUTvest Living Annuity to a conventional Life Annuity?

In some instances, you may decide that you would prefer the safety of a fixed income for the remainder of your life. To achieve this, you are able to convert your existing OUTvest Living Annuity to a Life Annuity. However, once you have converted your Living Annuity to a Life Annuity, you may not convert it back. If you would like to know more about this, please get in touch with your financial advisor, if applicable, or call OUTvest to discuss this in more detail.

The OUTvest Living Annuity is underwritten by OUTsurance Life, a licensed insurer and FSP.