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We’ve simplified the world of investing and replaced hundreds of investment funds with a small selection of highly-efficient ones.

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Why have we chosen these investment funds?

We have used over 120 years of market data to help us design a series of multi-asset and equity indices, in conjunction with S&P Dow Jones Indices, that are tracked by CoreShares in four exclusive funds. In the money markets, active security selection tends to work well and, as a result, we make use of an actively management money market fund run by Granate Asset Management.

The investment funds have been designed to work exclusively with our digital advice system, helping us to make sure that you are always in the right fund to reach your goals.

In addition, for the OUTvest Global Wealth Builder, we have selected the CoreShares Total World Stock Feeder Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) to offer you 100% global equity exposure.

Intelligent investment funds that aim to outperform their peers

Using some of the industry’s most trusted partners, we carefully monitor the performance of the funds on our platform against their peers and report on our fund performance to our clients.

Who’s involved

We have simplified the world of investment by replacing the function of hundreds of investment funds with just five low-cost, highly-effective funds designed to help you reach your goals.

Always striving to give you more out of your investments

Find out more about how we actually invest your money, as well as some recent changes we've made to the asset allocation of our funds. 

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