Alexforbes acquires OUTvest

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Alexforbes has acquired 100% of the shares in OUTvest, and we are proud to be a part of this leading South African financial services group.

The OUTvest Fixed OUTcome Endowment
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Our Fixed OUTcome Endowment - more than your typical fixed investment

The great thing about a fixed investment is that you know exactly what you're getting out, thanks to a set interest rate, after a certain period of time. And it's very-much the same with our Fixed OUTcome Endowment.

An endowment is a life investment policy issued by a Life Insurance Company - in this case, OUTsurance Life. It's similar to fixed-term investments, with a minimum investment period of five years and a set interest rate. However, there is limited capacity and your money is regarded as a 'premium', to which you can expect an amount (a policy benefit) in return after the five year period. It's perfect for high-income earners who want to invest in a tax-efficient structure. 

The OUTvest Fixed OUTcome Endowment invests in a fixed deposit with Absa Bank. 

Who will benefit most from our Fixed OUTcome Endowment?

Our Fixed OUTcome Endowment is a life investment policy that's ideal for those who've already used their annual interest exemption from SARS from other investment vehicles. 

That's because the OUTvest Fixed OUTcome Endowment gives you a hard-to-beat return, even after tax, when compared to traditional fixed-term investments. But, remember, there's limited capacity. 

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What makes our Fixed OUTcome Endowment different?

This five-year life investment policy has a fixed rate, is underwritten by OUTsurance Life and is invested in a fixed deposit with Absa. Here's what makes it different to fixed investments: 

What makes our Fixed OUTcome Endowment different?

This five-year life investment policy has a fixed rate, is underwritten by OUTsurance Life and is invested in a fixed deposit with Absa. Here's what makes it different to fixed investments: 

Not sure about fixed investments? Let our Robo-Advisor guide you. 

We're proud to provide you with world-class tools that ensure you can build up investments and wealth in a sustainable, transparent and responsible manner. 

One of those tools is our innovative Robo-Advisor - a system designed to offer you quality advice to help you reach your goals. 

Download the app and answer a few quick, easy questions so our Robo-Advisor can help you determine whether a fixed capital investment is right for you. 

There's no obligation to invest, and you don't even have to sign up first. 

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Traditional fixed investment or our Fixed OUTcome? 

There are so many uncertainties in life. But a low-risk, Fixed OUTcome Endowment that delivers the return you expect, might add a bit more comfort to your financial future. 

Get a Fixed OUTcome Endowment today to enjoy the features you would typically get with a traditional fixed investment, along with great tax and estate planning benefits. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a minimum investment period?

Yes, the Fixed OUTcome Endowment is a fixed-term investment with a  5-year investment policy that invests in a 5-year fixed deposit.

It's best to invest with the intention of not withdrawing early, as withdrawals are limited by regulation. You are only permitted one partial or one full withdrawal over the first 5 years. If you withdraw early it's unlikely your investment would be equal to the maturity value shown during sign-up.

What happens to this investment in the event of my death?

The proceeds of the investment will count towards estate duty (payable to the government). The good news is that, if you specify beneficiaries, the proceeds won’t be eligible for fees charged by executors to wind up the estate – these can be as high as 4%.

You can specify the percentage split allocation to your beneficiaries and in the event of your death, they could be able to access the proceeds within days.

The policy benefits to be paid to the beneficiaries will be based on the market value of your fixed investment policy at the time of death. The rights of a security cessionary have preference over any rights of a beneficiary, as long as the security cession is noted by the Administrator.

If no beneficiary is noted on the policy, the proceeds will be paid to the estate of the policyholder. 

What makes our Fixed OUTcome Endowment different to other interest-bearing fixed investments?

Our Fixed OUTcome Endowment differs from other fixed investments in that the return you get is after all taxes and fees have been deducted.

Can I make additional contributions to my investment?

We only accept a single Investment contribution to be made at the outset of the policy. If you wish to make further investment contributions then you will be required to open a new investment policy.

Are there any risks involved?

Like any fixed investment, there is always some degree of fixed investments risk. In the context of the Fixed OUTcome Endowment, risk means that should the bank at which your investment contribution is invested default on a payment to the insurer, you will lose some or all of your investment contribution and policy benefits.

However, our fixed term investments are invested with a reputable South African bank in order to minimise this risk. 

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