Where to start?
Here, with OUTvest

Investing doesn't need to be complicated. We can give you investment solutions that are clear and will focus on achieving your investment goals and desired OUTcomes.

Invest in your Retirement

Our Retirement Annuity is tax-efficient and designed to give you financial comfort and peace of mind at retirement. It will also provide your dependants and/or nominated beneficiaries with a benefit, should you pass away.

Invest globally

The Global Wealth builder gives you 100% global equity exposure for as little as 0.4% per year in fees. With access to almost 50 markets and over 9 000 stock, it's literally a world of opportunity.

Switch your Preservation

Is your preservation fund growing at the best possible rate? It could be with the OUTvest ONEfee. Switch your existing preservation fund to really get the best from the OUTvest ONEfee.

Preserve my retirement

Resigning and want to make the smart decision by preserving the savings you have? Our preservation funds can keep your retirement a reality.

Invest with a Fixed-Rate

The Fixed OUTcome Endowment is a 5-year endowment policy inside of a fixed deposit that offers an inflation-beating FIXED MATURITY VALUE after all fees and taxes.

Invest without paying tax

The Tax-Free Savings Account was created to encourage South Africans to save - because any growth or income from the money you invest in a Tax-Free Savings Account is free of tax.

Looking to just invest?

The best way to get into investing is to just start, and investing your money in one of our uniquely-engineered unit trust funds will help you reach your goals.

What is Crowdvest?

Crowdvest gives your family and friends a means of helping you reach goals that matter, like saving towards the education of a child. By receiving multiple contributions you can reach a desired amount sooner than you would have if you were investing by yourself.

Whether the purpose of the investment is to save towards a person’s education, your own wedding, or even a holiday, everyone can make contributions to the same investment.

Better yet, it’s all setup online and can be done in a matter of minutes.


Our FIXED ONEfee will change the way you think about our investments

Who’s involved

We have simplified the world of investment by replacing the function of hundreds of investment funds with just five low-cost, highly-effective funds designed to help you reach your goals.

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