The OUTvest Fixed OUTcome Endowment

You need 16.8%* p.a. to beat our after-tax rate of 7.20% p.a.

16.8% simple rate assumes marginal tax rate of 45% and exhausted annual interest exemption, valid until Thursday, 2 June 2022 23:59. Underwritten by OUTsurance Life. Rates linked to a Fixed Deposit with Absa and not guaranteed by Insurer. OUTvest is an authorised FSP.

Who will benefit most from this product?

Best suited for those who will, or who already invest enough in investments like fixed deposits, money market and similar investments to pay tax on interest earned. If you plan to use your annual interest exemption from SARS then we believe our after-tax interest rate will be hard to beat.
It is a 5 year investment, with an attractive after-tax interest rate in an endowment that can save you executors fees by allowing you to specify beneficiaries in the event of your death.
There is limited capacity.

What makes Fixed OUTcome Endowment different?

This 5 year investment has a fixed rate, is underwritten by OUTsurance Life and is invested in a fixed deposit with Absa. Some of it's unique features are:

Icon Fixed Rate

Our after-tax rate is hard to beat!

If you plan to, or already have investments where you pay tax on interest earned, then our after-tax rate will be hard to beat.

Icon Advice

Invest online, in minutes.

Sign up and invest online, everything you need to know is disclosed upfront before you make a decision. Even if you are not ready, save your progress and continue later. Try it out.

Icon Beneficiary

Great for estate planning.

Save up to 4% (incl. VAT) on executors fees by nominating your beneficiaries upfront. Keep them updated online, or on our app.

Icon Guarantee

See your investment OUTcome upfront.

Our Fixed OUTcome has a fixed interest rate so we can show your OUTcome upfront before you make a final decision. Our interactive technology makes investing easier for everyone.

Calculate your before-tax rate

Use our calculator to get your before-tax interest rate so that you can compare us to fixed deposits, money markets and similar investments!


Always compare rates calculated on the same basis(i.e. annually compounded versus a simple non-compounding rate) to ensure you get the best deal.

Read more about how to compare simple and compounded interest rates. Critical when you want to make an informed decision between different interest rates.

Frequently asked questions


Yes, the Fixed OUTcome Endowment is a 5 year investment policy that invests in a 5 year fixed deposit. You should invest with the intention of not withdrawing early, as withdrawals are limited by regulation. You are only permitted one partial or one full withdrawal over the first 5 years. If you withdraw early it is unlikely your investment would be equal to the maturity value shown during sign-up.


The proceeds of the investment will count towards estate duty (payable to the government). The good news is that, if you specify beneficiaries, the proceeds won’t be eligible for fees charged by executors to wind up the estate – these can be as high as 4%. You can specify the percentage split allocation to your beneficiaries and in the event of your death they could be able to access the proceeds within days.

If no beneficiaries are nominated and no security cessionary is noted on the investment policy, the administrator distribute the proceeds based on instructions from the executor of your estate. The policy benefits to be paid to the beneficiaries will be based the market value of your investment policy. The rights of a security cessionary have preference over any rights of a beneficiary, as long as the security cession is noted by the Administrator.


An endowment is a type of investment policy issued by a Life Insurance Company, in this case OUTsurance Life. All endowments have a minimum investment period, known as a restriction period that is in place for a period of 5 years. An endowment can invest in almost anything from listed shares to debentures, bonds or cash. The Fixed OUTcome Endowment invests in a fixed deposit. What makes an endowment different to normal investments is that the return you get is after all taxes and fees have been deducted.

An Endowment can be used as a tax efficient investment. OUTsurance Life has a deferred tax asset that it has built up that it can use to give investors a higher after-tax interest rate on their Fixed OUTcome investment. The result is a an after tax return which is particularly interesting to individuals who have used their annual interest exemption from SARS, typically if you plan to invest, or already have a large amount invested in interest earning investments.


We only accept a single Investment contribution to be made at the outset (beginning) of the policy. If you wish to make further investment contributions then you will be required to open a new Investment policy.


Like any investment there is always some degree of risk. In the context of the the Fixed OUTcome Endowment risk means that should the bank at which your investment contribution is invested default on payment to the insurer, you will lose some or all of your investment contribution and policy benefits. However, your Investment contribution is invested with a reputable South African bank in order to minimise this risk to you.

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