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28 September 2023
A rose by any other name would smell so sweet” is a phrase from the famous play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. It is understood that this phrase simply means that no matter what someone or something is called it does not change their intrinsic characteristics - it’s just a name!

A while back 10X Investments (PTY) Ltd bought CoreShares and as a result the CoreShares OUT Index Fund Range and the one CoreShares Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) used on our OUTvest platform will be undergoing a name change. Name changes in these type of company amalgamations are quite normal and nothing to be concerned about.

The new fund range name change does not affect the asset allocation and core composition of these funds and thus our projected investment outcomes for our clients remain intact. In other words the name of the fund range changes yet the intrinsic investment characteristics remain unchanged. A rose by any other name!

The new name for the CoreShares OUT Index Fund Range will be the CoreSolutions OUT Index Fund Range with the following changes:

Same asset allocation and same portfolio construction methodology underpinned by the same outcomes based investment philosophy, all under a new fund range name.

No matter the name of the funds we use the intrinsic characteristics that help our clients achieve their investment objectives has not changed.

A further important point to note is that there is some administration required in order to effect the name changes and as such there will be a short period where transacting will be paused. This period is known as a trade freeze period and is planned to take effect from 17 October 2023 up to and including 20 October 2023.

This means that any withdrawal instructions received where applicable during the trade freeze period will be not be processed until after this period, subject to the normal withdrawal process timelines.

So please bear this in mind and plan carefully if you need to transact given this trade freeze period.  

Should you require further clarity with regards to this fund range name change please feel free to contact our skilled advisors who are always ready to assist.



The OUTvest Team

OUTvest is an authorised FSP. Ts and Cs apply. All investments are exposed to risk, not guaranteed and dependent on the performance of the underlying assets.
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