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31 August 2018
It’s been 10 months since we launched. During this time we’ve learnt a lot about how people use OUTvest and what the shortcomings in the initial journey was. So, we decided it was time to put all those learnings into practice and developed the new journey.

Firstly, we took away a lot of the noise in the section that asks about your investment goals. Take a look at the screenshots below:






Then, we spent time tightening up the section where we make our recommendation on where we feel you should invest your money. We call it the reveal page. Here’s the original’ reveal page:


We quite liked this page, but we soon discovered its shortcomings. We immediately set out to develop a new reveal page that makes it easier for you to make changes to key fields and view our recommendations.

We ended up with a new reveal page that ticks all our boxes:


If you are an investor who needs more information, the ‘LEARN MORE’ button gives you access to a lot of useful data and advice. You can also call us on 0860 688 837 if you can’t find what you’re looking for. 

If you have any ideas or things that you want to see from us, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop us a comment on our website or in the app.

Happy investing!




Disclaimer: The amounts showed in this article is profile dependant and for illustrative purposes only. 

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